2003-DEC-22 : The first album ever produced by the z0s collective with a little help from the Temple Ov kNOwthing was dubbed Seraphylogenocide named as such for the slaughter in heaven and hell between loyalist angels and renegade angels of varying echelons and rank and even species phylogeny.

This album was finished during Yule in Baltimore where I had the courtesy of Amanda Qichao’s photographic imagery as crucial inspiration as well as her brother for herbal inspiration. That woman has an eye for what goes unseen by the exoteric visual spectrum.
Photo by: Amanda Qichao

For the most part I did all the mixing and “mastering” myself so it has a very, very DIY sound to it, but don’t be fooled everyone in Z(enseider)Z played their part. And this was in the days when all I had to work with was SoundForge so the approach was simple: get it done and have some fun.

As far as my software limitations: nothing but SoundForge 4.5 with no plug-ins, no clue how to record (I used m$ sound recorder to free-track each of the three rap songs), no farking idear how to sequence loops, and no way to multi-track either. Later on, I received some warez from Hsuan before the album had completely finished, but the majority of it was done with the most minimal technology.

I just pasted a mix of the vocals directly onto an existing instrumental file three times; talk about luck), and hardware limitations (a shit ass mic, headphones, speakers, monitors, no boards or mixers, limitations up to and including my PC (processor speed, RAM cache, and a Sound Blaster sound card, not to mention barely any HD space to work with) All in all it was a crash course lesson in mixing music. But in some ways I still feel tracks like “Dislocation” are far superior to anything I do now.

This album brought together the unintentional talents of the collective in every direction imaginable. I pulled off a few rhymeslayin tracks, one of which “Negative Two” drew its alliteral inspiration from a numeric pathworking I undertook using the Gematria of Nothing as my guide.

Ironically, despite technical obstacles, I still find Seraphylogenocide superior in certain ways to every album produced since then. It solely defines Neo-Folk Terrorcore as a more evolved form of Junk & Jizz for a lot of the mixed Garage multi-genre albums that followed.

Nothing has Being hand of z0s Everything has Value

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