Phantom Load collaboration

2004-MAR-20 : Phantom Load & Eian Orange (3 track EP)

A few tracks put together when travels brought Eian O and Amanda Qichao amidst Hsuan in NOLA’s 9th Ward where Hsuan he was living with a room mate at the time. All around a tranquil experience.

Hsuan gets all the credit for working his audio magic on my vocals that night because I was tore up from the floor up by 4am on xanax rambling into the mic incoherently. Hsuan and Amanda had to physically restrain me from continuing by tearing the mic away, but it was the equinox and I wanted to get something substantial on wax.

New Orleans was a great experience and even more so with Amanda taking pictures like the one above. I think she not-so-secretly wanted a threesome between herself, Hsuan, and I.

You can find Phantom Load @ making music nowadays

Nothing has Being hand of z0s Everything has Value

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