Where The Pavement Ends

2004-JUL-31 : After secluding myself (Eian O) from the world up in the dirt hills of Queen Creek out came a gem called Where The Pavement Ends because there literally wasn’t a single inch of asphalt to speak of for several miles.

There wasn’t much of anything come to think of it. Just cacti, black widows hiding in every crevice imaginable, wild dogs chasing vehicles in huge packs, glowing lizards, scorpions in bathroom sinks, rattling snakes in the brush, pounds of mexi-brick, and very large birds of prey. Very large.

This album diverges when comparing the amount of live recording done on the spot to other full lengths of its time. There are a few dark ambient tracks that use personally gathered live recordings, but nothing of the sort of guitars, bass, and drums you hear of other Garage mixed albums. I was now equipped with warez to create sound digitally and it fascinated me to no end. It still does.

Nothing has Being hand of z0s Everything has Value

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