Deadly Pumpkin Toast

2004-OCT-27 : consisting of Lexulus on 3 odd guitar strings, Eian on the kit, a shit load of lo-fi fx, and a healthy dosing of research chemicals we bring you Deadly Pumpkin Toast which delves into the realms of poor taste the way only Monty Python and Tom Green could.

There was a Lunar Eclipse in Phoenix, AZ on the date of this album’s release, just fyi

Deadly Pumpkin Toast is a prime example of Garage Xeno where only ambient or noisy interludes break up the monotony of the poorly recorded guitar and bass jam sessions.

Photo by: Amanda Qichao

Not only were there software limitations on all these albums, but hardware limitations as well up to an including an all black Ibanez reduced to three strings run through a bass cabinet, the unbearable hiss resulting from using the wrong gauge input cord for an electric bass guit, and a single radio shack desk mic most likely designed or intended for voice conferencing. Luckily, our ever-vigilant vaquero del infierno, Eian O, hid all the usable ribbon mics from the unending cavalcade of z0s memes to pass through the double-wide rehearsal space on Joilet in the San Tan mountains.

By the way, 200ft dirt hills are not classifiable as 'mountains' by any standard known to mankind sorry Pinal county residents.

Nothing has Beinghand of z0sEverything has Value

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