Escapists In The Daedalus

2005-JUN-21 : On a day of the sun standing still during the summer months we offer a mixed media monstrosity of metal, mediocre-core (if there is such a thing) and spacey rock tunes melded together with tender electronic maudlin acts wrapped as loosely as possible and you have Escapists in the Daedalus which is quite possibly one of the least underrated electro-borne albums to date. Pretentious as it may sound I only wanna put together 26 Z(enseider)Z albums before closing the project. The stuff released as Z(enseider)Z has an inherent license to suck.

This album was one of the first that I arranged when initially arriving back in Jer-Z after being in AZ for almost a year. The daedalus or maze is slang for jail. Part of the impact of the album for me is the short re-adjustment phase I went through returning home, seeing people I’d almost forgotten about, and spending the first few months devouring whatever choice chemicals I wasn’t able to find in PHX

Nothing has Being hand of z0s Everything has Value

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