2006-MAR-21 : Tell your homies about this album cuz it’s gonna drop like the World Trade on intentional demolition. We call it Indecipher because we spent most of Ostara (which is the spring equinox to all you lame asses) in the cipher so it’s a fitting title.

It’s difficult to describe an album after the fact, but, I’ll try to keep this brief. I must say this shit is fire.

We all brought our A-Game here. There are skits and quick little joke rhymes, but the ones that count really came through on point.

If there is another album like this it’ll be and EP first then we’ll think about a full length LP.

Photo by: Amanda Qichao

On Indecipher Profit spits one all his own as well as Gambit and M-Greaze (it’s tough to get Greaze to shut the fuck up so we had to edit out a lot of his work) as well as your boy Eian O who spit two tracks all by his lonesome. The rest of the tracks Eian lays down on the album are duets with Profit. The best has yet to come. Stay tuned…

Nothing has Beinghand of z0sEverything has Value

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