Grave Indictment Of Trust

2006-SEP-23 : In honor of the Autumnal equinox we’re letting go of a little jewel in the rough called Grave Indictment Of Trust which serves as one my favorite albums in a long ass time.

The percussion on Track #2 “Mandatory Bulimia” is sickening. Proves what one can do with the right drum synth.

I even dropped some growling vocals on track #4 called “Rendition” which got mixed so heavily that the vox might not seem distinctly audible.

Photo by: Manny Diller

Much respect to Nefariaz for his contributions to this album, He did almost every other track and worked with samples I gave ’em like a professional. We really came together on this album.

Nothing has Beinghand of z0sEverything has Value

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