Organic Disinformation

2009-DEC-31 : The kkoagulaa project saw fit to link one of my sonic experiments up on their blog.

I collaborated with another Z()Z meme named P. Emerson Williams by sampling a piece of his sonic sigil named Enigmatic Information to produce my own called Organic Disinformation for which I wrote a few words as an introduction:

Samples taken from a short, simple stutter effect found on Enigmatic.Information.[Grain.Storm] and sound bytes from a TV interview of a preacher being questioned on the ins and outs of racial homogenization and ideological segregation. Ambient synths courtesy of an ancient cracked version of Synapse Audio’s MIDI/sequencer release Orion 3.05 plus one inaudible layer processed through Sound Forge after direct recording on a cheap Rat Shack studio mic before final multi-tracking. Sounds a lot more intricate than it really is.

Then again that’s our job: making the foreign, inaccessible cow patties of sound into 3 minute dual-synth punk-ambient soundscapes that the mind isn’t even conscious of channeling into distinct individual parts of disparate intention. It takes a fair amount of repeating to reach the level of indoctrination originally intended by the transient hypno-sonic sigil embedded beneath the apparent mass of floating waveforms.

Happy motherfuckin’ Nu y-era! Don’t make any silly resolutions. They just set you up for self-fulfilling failure. Don’t test yourself unreasonably.

Nothing has Being hand of z0s Everything has Value

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