Aural Catharsis

2010-JAN-01 : All current full length albums can be found on our Bandcamp page now. Click to to see what we’ve made available. Remember, you can only d/l whole albums, not individual songs.

Enjoy yourselves for the New Year and do lots of things I wouldn’t do and do them recklessly and irresponsibly while I’m here working on building my graphic design skills and updating slowly and steadily, but surely. It’s a spiritual pursuit of mine, you know.

I don’t do much of anything being the insipid homebody that I am so you should take this opportunity to live a little and go out, be social, mingle, get sauced, and sleep with someone misshapen and freakish looking like a goat midget or a geriatric masochist who’s into nipple torture and anal mutilation.

Just, please, no underwear bombs because I have family traveling this month and I wouldn’t want anything unsavory to happen to them even though I’m not admittedly a beneficiary on their insurance policy.

    Love, Kisses, and Chaos,

        Eian Orange

Nothing has Being hand of z0s Everything has Value

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