Clark: a gonzomentary art series

Produced by Exodus Films LLC, CLARK is a gonzomentary about a man struggling as an independent artist in a capitalistic world. It follows the comedic, downward spiral that can sometimes result in tragedy or greatness and the co-dependence of Clark and his manager, JC. Or it’s all pretentious bullshit. You decide. The results are hilarious and awful, no matter how you cut it.

Clark: A gonzomentary art series mockumentary comedy about Daniel, an amateur filmmaker documenting an eccentric local Philadelphia artist, Clark, whose odd obsession with phallic painting and sculpture seems to be guided by his opportunist art manager, J.C..

What begins as a simple documentary about the life of the artist turns into a terrifying journey into the art process, which is far more important than the finalized painting, or sculpture, or film for that matter. As they descend deep into madness, this movie turns against it’s own creator, itself and the viewer, raising questions about reality and fiction, the fourth wall and post-modern dadaism.

Credits: This show is the brainchild of Daniel Warwick, William Clark, and James Curcio, this season ft. a special appearance by Jazmin Lee

LA Web Fest has recognized WILLIAM CLARK as an Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy/Mockumentary web series. A much deserving award for all of William’s hard work trying to convince people that this was acting. Screening at The 6th Annual P.I.F.F. June 28 – 30, 2013

Purchase tickets online right here orignal P.I.F.F. copy found here

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