Exclusive ZZ-merch

Z.’. Z.’. apparel now on sale!

ZZ-Shirts are available for 26 USD +S&H
ZZ-Stickers are approx. 4-6 USD +S&H
(Sticker sizes: 3×3, 4×4, and 5.5×5.5 in.)


Or, for deals, get at Eian on Messenger https://m.me/eianorange

Or e-mail him at

Summer blowout sale:
All 4 ZZ-shirts + 1 ZZ-sticker 99 USD +S&H

We greatly appreciate the plight of poorer folks who all too often _want_ to do something… anything to help. Thus, we give you an offer even your lean ass acct balance can’t refuse:

All 3 sizes of Z-stickers for 11 USD +S&H

{Below} band logo by Barry James Lent Devil’s Design
band logo by B. Lent

In essence, our Department of Peripheral Epiphenomenon, in collaboration with the Z(enseider)Z foundation and IFLCM core, intend to use your gifted donations to set-up our LLC which in turn intakes monies from private citizens to facilitate:

  • the maintenance of the disorganization’s website on the front end (copy writing, image branding, web design, seo, css), on the back end (server maintenance, host fees, domain registration, database auditing, js debugging), and on the journey towards reckless individuation
  • the compiling research necessary for the long awaited Memetic Journal of Nescience and Dissection slated for publication somewhere around 2019-20
  • the recording of next Z(enseider)Z LP to be released through Bandcamp sometime during the 2020 fiscal dawn
  • the furthering of our Gematria of Nothing research tribute (referred to as Liber Infernus Enumera) in its construction of a user-friendly calculator and database as well as a dictionary of enumerations dealing with the Supreme Ma’athematics
  • the continued experimentation with specific psycho-sociological aspects of Zeememe clusterphilia and their effects on non-Zee meme-aliens
  • the recurrence of kNewzlog adviriitizements with content from all areas of Z(enseider)Z inner workings including album releases, page updates, ritual excursions, collaborative efforts, and backdating of studious events
  • an increase in storage capacities for the Gnosis Goddess of Art and Creativity, Capeditiea, to house all her musicks on our servers over at capeditiea.org as well as fundage for her upcoming bid for the presidency (a VP candidate has yet to be named but Elon Musk and Joe Rogan have been mentioned as “dream veeps”
  • the advancement of esotechno methodologies involved in the Original Zenseid vampiric servitor and radionic egregore projects such as the publicly known Killswitch Effluvic Reservoir and the chaosatellite known only as Thee Device as well as the secret enchantments yet to be unmasked
  • the continued management of humanpower, time, and attention for the allcaps CHAOSMAGICK.1 FB group (and their server space on our domain occupying a directory of our website) This management includes a packet-switching abode for the persistent and fastidious servitor known as T’Crely Sov Pndagbui as well as the slowly growing Corpus of Khaos magicking compiled from group meme-bearer’s writings

Your monies will go to benefit our magical disorganization and bless us with the capacity to thrive in this troubling market and help to enable our familial disorder to evolve towards an Ideal Magical Tribe. The more we get together, to get her, together.

{Below} sigilform logo by Atra Zi
logo by Atra Zi

{Below} mural logo by Ellis D. Windlestraw
logo by EDW

{Below} polyhedra logo by Eian O
logo by Eian O

{Below} band logo by Barry James Lent Devil’s Design
band logo by B. Lent

In order to deliver our audience with unparalleled iterations of unadulterated Zentertainment (e.g. one-eyed paradigmal piracy with a peg-leg, hard-lined ultra-radicalized absurdism, and esoterroristic guerrilla memetics) we have made it our duty to broadcast the attempts we’ve made to abandon the falsehood of an idealistic utopia by overgiving the Great Slack.

Nothing has Being hand of z0s Everything has Value

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