You Might Be A Psychedelic Chaosatanist If…


Our Soror A. J. Olvera‘s first book

You Might Be A Psychedelic Chaosatanist If…

is now available

The book very much deals with our treasured Theriomorphic current. A paradigm that a select few of us Original Zenseiders have pioneered which is drawn very specifically from the writings (and lifestyle, for that matter) of our beloved Sifu.

But A.J.’s book even surpasses that current to broaden the scope of who else might be on the same tip that we are on, or who also uses the same approach that we use, or who fits into this worldview as well as we imagine ourselves to?

In this contemporary alchemical process of age-dissolution — where generations meld and merge on a shrinking global stage of fashion, music, politics, occulture, and art — a book like _You Might Be A Psychedelic Chaosatanist If_ compels us to “find the Others” In the immortal words of Timothy Leary.

And, as Leary’s some time collaborator Robert Anton Wilson additionally said: “you should view the world as a conspiracy run by a very closely-knit group of nearly omnipotent people. And, you should think of those people as yourself and your friends.”

We, at the sigil-smuggling swivel-chair manticore ministry known as the Great Octarine Siblinghood of the Z.’. Z.’., are about to discover just how NOT alone on this planet we really are. A. J. Olvera is making a bold move in publishing this veritable humanist manifesto.

It stands out from run-of-the-mill coffee table books because it is filled with stunning urban-esque graffiti-style character art by the uniquely talented J.P. Farquar


and the content in the book includes the timeliest of philosophical pontification on political and carnal issues that poke fun at conservative values in organized religion with bite-sized morsels that A. J. herself has homebaked.

She challenges convention, orthodoxy, and the status quo (even among her peers) in an attempt to establish a new status quo that is less “stasis” or “static” quo and much more “pro-Satanic” and “dynamic” quo in the absence of any kitschier term we can conjure at present.

What we are talking about here is part of a reputation-based economy. We all know people are only as good as their word. It’s all we have to go on. Your word is your bond.

Don’t get it confused, though because our axiom from the dawn of the millennia has been “nothing has being, everything has value” and that’s the only truth you ever need cling to.

That, and—“don’t get caught” (esp. if “reality is what you can get away with” as RAW has reminded us).

Essentially, Psychedelic Chaosatanists are witchpunks who were brought up on a steady diet of inspiring authors, superb music, and wonderful drugs. These three things are rarely agreed upon as far as who or what belongs in those categories even by very close friends.

In this light, I would prefer to allow the reader to fill in their own inspiring, superb, and wonderful things, so that I won’t be judged too harshly for my tastes.

(Thanks to Michew Bellivo for the “witchpunk” meme.)

The nuance of certainty

In summation, PSYCHEDELICHAOSATANISM consists of spheres of influence which derive from:

*  the hypervariable domains of an underlying animistically-inclined Orthodox Chaoist principle regarding Kia which exists in the body-mind very much like midichlorians in the blood of the Jedi.

* the transcendental iterations of common sense espoused by street thugs

* the tenets of Puppet Master Sorcery which evade the cognition of all but the Master Theriomorph, and which are far too obscure to discuss here in any casual manner

* the teachings of Eian Orange in his text _How to Be a Psyberpimp_ and basically any candid moment he might spare you is totally worth the price of admission

* the eschatonal evangelism inherent in the litanies, poetries, and treatments penned by Devon Jurassic

Allow all of the preceding sentiments to bounce and reverberate throughout the vertices of your psycho-energetic centers like a 22 caliber in the dome of some archcriminal greazeball.

Then you may come to realize that their radiant emanations are not subject to gravity nor the limitations of the timespace continuum.

In any event…

With the advent of Latter-Day Satanic sexuality came the Ideal Magickal Tribe of modern American folklore who exist in temporary autonomous zones scattered throughout the occidental English-speaking world.

These individuals engage in hyperrandom conversation, streams of consciousness, and other stroboscopic mindscapes that originate from the carousel of hallucinations and apparitions that they call their psyches.

It is not always necessary for these individuals to travel in the physical sense. They may sometimes utilize the Internet as a means to engage with other itinerant members of their tribe.

Sometimes these individuals do not even know who the members of their tribe will be until they meet them.

Modes of mechanistic manifestation

The following items offer exemplary descriptors towards defining that which eludes definition or distinct form, and these may include but are not limited to:

* behavioral hyperordination via subtle neuro linguistic embedding

* command of one’s own emotions to the point that we can conjure up a given emotional state on commamd. We embrace our faculties such as hostility, empthy, fear, desire, ego, spirit, sexuality, and cold-bloodedness for the self-wisdom they bestow, and the knowledge they impart, and we can do no more than grok their efficacy as tools of unleashing desire

* modular Magic(k)-ing; paradigmal piracy and the meta-narrative of unfamiliar equivocation

* Latter-Day Satanic and proto-LHP liturgical reformation fused with enhanced psychonautical ingenuity or simply walking the poison path so that we may attempt to use various altered states of consciousness in our magical endeavors and esoteric experimentation in order to reach chemognostic illumination

* paramilitant anti-fascism wrapped in the guise of non-cognitivist ontology.

* temporal journeying spaces and psyberterror insurgencies

* the fascinations of ritual paraphilia used in traditional indigenous folk religions among a tribal setting

Various background intel

Dr. Ayin R. Inch gathered some quotes from his late colleague’s final draft of what would have been a free-for-all magnum opus of a flamewar tirade the likes of which the bipedal mouth-breathing non-Zee meme-alien has never before witnessed.

“The Chaotaliban which controls roughly 95% of the H V C W list, espouses a harsh brand of Hard Shell Latter-Day Satanism with strict and literal adherence to the Latter-Day Satanic doctrine of the Necromemecon, the LDS Holy Book.”
—Dr. Nidal, A.D.S.O.B.L. 2001

Woman = Abyss = House of Four Doors = 4
(Woman is a fourfold temple; and the Moody Blues – “House of Four Doors”)

PSYCHEDELICHAOSATAN simultaneously embodies:

1. a drug and/or deity that wishes to dissolve the hegemonic demons who possess the minds of the Constitution Oathbreaking Pawns and Sycophants that uphold the unethical dictates of the elite 1% conspiracy.

Meanwhile, the sadosexual thanatologist and the heterodox necrosorcerer sit at the head of our clerical assembly for the promotion of vice and the prevention of virtue which is the external security wing of the renegade Islamosatanic online terror syndicate Izzah’s “Fawdaa” propaganda agency who are headquartered in Egypt.

2. a disease, esp. a venereal disease or communicable plague, a bacteria or viruse (sic: virus+ruse), something that’s as harmless as chlamydia but as shameful as hepatitis or AIDS; and, somehow this disease is transmitted memetically through headworms contracted via advertising in all its forms and esp. on the internet. It could also be viewed as an STD (Socially Theatric Disability) due to the symbiotic nature of psychedelichaosatan’s infection strategy.

3. a form of forbidden entertainment like a music group who go all out in order to offend their audience (which makes DJing the most sublime and transcendental form of introducing people to music) or any other form of DIY entertainment like video editing and live VJing often in collab with a DJ, podcasting and the prerecording of written material, performance art and improvisational mindfucks, and stage magic from card tricks and three card Monte to sawing your assistant in half and massive mirror manipulation that ghosts entire buildings.

However, as far as a form of “zentertainment” goes the Great Octarine Siblinghood of the Z.’. Z.’. stands as one of the original online entertainment covens distributing their twisted brand of sci-fi erotica and sexualized psyberterror. Not to mention their music ( which at least one independent psychonaut claims can enhance summonings of Thozopithean entities.

Nothing has Being hand of z0s Everything has Value

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