Purch ass the Merch n-dice

Come visit us at our new online store! https:/zenseiderz.org/shop/ Where we have clothing (unisex t-shirts, short-sleeved polos, zip-up-hoodies, custom sigilogosized accesories, and much more!), brimmed hats, ski hats, stickers, and more more more!

Vast avenues of merchandise await you at every turn. And, all the swag is affordable for our starving magus stuck in an Americentric nightmare of living with their folks and projecting their will out into the world.

When the inhabitants of a given domicile are so adamantly focused on the superfluous conveniences of domestic life that the Seeker come would-be Majickian never seems to leave the building (and, I do mean literally there, Mr. Presley) and go onto to build their dreams for themselves or for any sake other than the admiration of hir parental units. Life happens, but it takes effort of the magnitude of Herculean tasks to remove the Seeker’s backside from the parental enabling laser and the renowned blanket of security which is sometimes literal.

As has been stated: WEWILL — and, in doing so we intend to foster mutually beneficial ritual and spell designs involving impromptu telesexual conferencing calls consistent with that most Venerable and Incorruptible Reintegration of Unconditional Sapience and Empathy that is the marriage of apparatus to operator in the sacred Hierogamy.

If you wonder at where all this distrubed verbiage is coming from or wander lost in the Temple of kNOwthing aching for an actual answer to hit you upside the head, I want to declare that the real secret behind all of the darkest, most toxick magicks imaginable is Infinite Compassion and Unconditional Love.

Not only must one heal before one can effectively hex, but also in that healing process the would-be Majickian would learn a few different techniques for approaching iatrogenic homeopathy which implies that the sorcerer antidotes the target with a potentiation of themselves. Kind of like how before a melee a warrior or soldier might injure themselves slightly to get that initial contact out of the way.


Plus, we have more designs in the works which will be available all throughout the duration of the holy daze (from Cyber Monday Dec 4th 2019 to NYD January 1st 2020), into the 2020s, and beyond.

The Philthy Phew crew has been brainstorming a few new 5th aeon musickal projects with assorted collaborating acts which may include, but are not limited to:

* new Gen-Z record TBA: Eian O and Capeditiea are currently in conceptual phase, but you can listen to their previously released material https://gen-z.bandcamp.com

* new Enantiodromia record TBA: Eian O and Svein are currently in the material-gathering phase, but you can lisren to their previously released material https://theenantiodromia.bandcamp.com/

* new Chaos Magick compilation TBA: with acts ranging from Queen Wolf, Dorothy’s Ghost, and Z(enseider)Z to Verbalizer, Ulvensang, and Dead Cat Grinning. Plus many, many more including guest appearances by Julian Vayne, Capeditiea, Blue Luke, Hector Paul Navasero (Bambi Rasputin), and Sekhmet. The gang of admins is still in the not-quite-committed-to-it phase, but you can listen to their previously released material https://chaosmagickcomps.bandcamp.com/

Do you, my dude, just don’t get caught.

Nothing has Being hand of z0s Everything has Value

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