CMG seeks to Censor you …

The proprietary perturbations of the psyber psuedo-poppet v1.0

The nominal reality of our latent purpose here on the Internet remains twofold: primarily, we are concerned with the acquisition of live human vessels with which to populate our temple brothels and, secondarily, we are engaged in the removal of troglodytic memetoxins from CMG core meme-bearer based forums.

In keeping with the liminal substantiation of those parameters we often have to bar prospective meme-bearers from entering our forums. This seems a shame given their potential for nutritional yield in support of the ravenous appetites of Z(enseider)Z managerial staff.


The eroticized act of acquiring subtle variations of OV from unsuspecting bi-pedal mouth-breathing meme-aliens exposed to the all too public dimension of online citizenry will never lose its appeal.


Demand for the siphoned virtual fluids of high value targets evolves on a daily basis as we do not embody a den of reptiles that can go on for months without sustenance.

The Zealthune Zionisk epitomize the pinnacle of psychedelic Satanic transcendentalism; therefore, our cravings will be satiated without hesitation or delay due to the overwhelming animalistic urges that our tryptamine-based bloodstreams exacerbate.


The predatory personas enervating the wilder frontiers of social media

The meme-alien embodies a near-inexhaustible resource for the sophomoric vanities which are found in greatest abundance throughout the seemingly hypervariable domains of the Internet discussion forum.

The meme-alien is a psychically homunculistic sub-species of the live human vessel albeit a highly inferior one.

Aberrant behavioral affectations are all too often written off as useless vitriolic drivel by the average cadaver; however, even something as innocuous as a docile temper tantrum by some half-spun keyboard cowboy has the potential to yield electronic sustenance for the energetically-omnivorous Heterodox Necrosorcerer through subtler forms of compulsion and simulacrum.


The Sadosexual Thanatologist carries in hir toolkit the means to identify and elicit the ephemeral elemental essences of energetic excesses from the ecstatically-engineered and effluvia enriched extravagances engendered by meme-alienkind which we imbibe through broadband waves emitted by the meme-alien’s own home Wi-Fi network.

Once entranced by the Sadosexual Thanatologist’s labyrinthine cryptolinguistic artifice, the meme-alien is then drained to near-critical levels of synthetic OV depletion.

These ‘virtual secretions’ are leeched from the unlucky meme-alien’s target device using highly experimental techniques in Briahic Raconteuring via Imitative Eidolons and Flamewar Strategies which in and of themselves have become an integral part of the Verbal Ontological Terrorist’s repertoire.


All three of these similar yet distinct predaciously eccentric caricatures have proven (each by hir own tutelage and initiatory capitulation) that there truly is more than one way to siphon “life” away from the live human vessel. This is where the meme-alien proxy becomes the ‘sacrificial substitute’ of esoteric satire and tantric lore.

Nothing has Being

hand of z0s

Everything has Value

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