Zealy Zealy Zeal

She is akin to a wild wind whirling widdershins, wailing her wits out like the werewolf and the wendigo. I am her weed-wise, work-woke whoremaster and she is my warrior-witchy wicked-waif whose warm wings I worship.

She always wannabe with the wrong wimps who flossin wheelchairs for whips who wanna walk wealth wizardry like the whale and the walrus, but these weird ass clowns ain’t never weaponized wavelengths with weighted wards wafting swiftly like the woodpecker and the wasp.

And, as the watchers of the heavens extend their winewands whispering words we wanna wrestle ourselves with 

Jacob’s alloy-welded wire-cutters are wasted on worthless worms wet with watercolor warpaths and weak-willed waxing and waning of your withdrawn wankers

Our word is our bond even amidst this witless Where’s Waldo-ing of one’s waistsize

to fit the wigsplitter’s wheelmen up in Wala Wala Washington

2019 FEB 27

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