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Dream Succubus Encounter

Posted in Dreamwork, Magick, Unlinked with tags , on 2013-09-18 by PopeInfekt

Ancient Serpent. Unfurled Ouroboros. Drawing me into the abysmal dark. Cold surrounds me. I step into the candle lit chamber ov horrors. This room is like no other. It had blood stained walls, flesh-like ornaments hanging from the ceiling, and red and pink-white candles dimming the room. Chains rattled like so many curtains in the wind and were only made audible by the sheer immensity ov this castle-esk structure that this room was housed in. Maybe it just seemed that way from the inside, but strangely I never got a look outside the entire tour. There were just no windows to be seen or had.

I was introduced to a door and told it was mine. As I open the door and step further into the chamber I notice a women naked on the floor. She looks ov Asian descent, she’s motioning me to come to her. I feel very frightened, but aroused at the same time. She then starts licking the air with her serpent tongue. I lay with her and she puts my cock into her ancient hole ov desire. I feel pain and ecstasy. She speaks in some language I don’t understand. Some form of glossolalia. As I am about to cum I awake. I feel lost. I want more. This will not be the first nor the last time I see my Asian succubus in animate form.

Yours in Chaosatanic Bliss,

Pope Infekt

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