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23-SEP-2021 Czarina Zelathune EP

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Czarina Zelathune EP out September 23, 2021

photo transparency by : Eian O.

Although this EP only has 5 tracks we think you will pick up what we’re throwing down. It’s brutal, avant-garde, rappy, and has all the elements of breakdowns that fans of hardcore and metal alike enjoy. There’s something in here for everyone and as soon as we get our gear back up and running you’ll be hearing more like this in the future from Z(enseider)Z because this is only the beginning !

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Feedback wanted

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We at Z(enseider)Z encourage new meme-bearers in our extended IRL coven to take up their nightside studies in pursuit of their False Perception (which is the Zenwalker Seiderkin equivalent of the Thelemic concept for “True Will” in its antithetical apotheosis, as it were, since we do not believe there is one all pervading truth nor a single all defining destiny to which humankind is confined to carry out. Instead it is our belief that Nothing has Being and Everything has Value, which indicates that there is little to no substantial potency to be had in the print we read or the words we speak as we are creatures of karma (action/intent) and that every seemingly random event and encounter has the potential to be mutually beneficial to all parties involved), however, when we can we will assist these aspirants (ass pirates) by showcasing their talents upon our server for their own developmental illumination and personal amusement.

Here, we present to the denizens of the interweb and the blood God whom we honor, a cut-up rhapsody in the key of nine

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Early morning channeling

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Cryptogematriac path function, as it is used in numerological encoding, causally relates to the arbitrary size of data strings applied to mapping mathematical algorithms in behavioral technologies such as genetic trait modification, advanced neuro-linguistic embedding, unidentifiable dream intrusions, or even the phenomenon quickly gaining notoriety as ‘psychic paralysis’ in certain circles of occultniks in the northern hemisphere.

Where the given collision resistance of any specific informational fingerprint either has or does not have the wherewithal to stand up against a malicious adversarial counter-function, one must assume that the logic of deniability rides high on the list of obverse claims among pseudoscience gurus and newage proponents.

Therefore, one may not supplant or mutate the initial input code without altering its host source. If separate functions possess an identical host source, one can be assured they are not unique. This is to say: a specific assignment of data strings does not have to equate to the same value as their idiothetic doppelgangers in order for them to be considered exclusive parcels from whence came the originating encryption key.

It is then left up to the Theriomorphs-in-Training to take up the reins, grab the helm, or put the pedal to the plasticine floorboard and venture out into uncharted territory in search of new meaning in this deteriorating aeon of occultural nuances and the whiff of esotericism as opposed to the engagement and practice of it.

The secret chefs must gather what tools they have at their disposal and accumulate their strength in numbers, attempting to centralize the hive instead compartmentalizing it allover the fucking place. The disorganization will not stand for it. It is an affront to all those who have revolved before us and taken casualties. The revolution will not be broadcast on social media. It will come as a noise-driven crescendo. Where all equal parts arrive and drop their respective loads at the same moment.

A private message board would make more sense, in the end. People come to social media to escape their problems, not to endure the reality of new ones.

So, what do we have in the way of weapons to fight this war? There remains one English qabalistic cipher which utilizes negative and positive integers, as well as a placeholder value for zero within its scheme, without adjudicating its agility to perform daily miracles given a willing participant wishes to be initiated into its mysteries. The system heretofore spoken of is known as the Gematria of Nothing or, at other times, the Ma’atian Atu.

This particular computation of alphanumerics was designed by highly illuminated Chaosatanists to provide future generations of Necrosorcerers with the means to conclude the Riemann hypothesis and put an end to the supposition of prime numbers as an endless stream of complex and unstable arrangements which hold the key to unlocking the grandeur of arithmetic. These future generations would effectively be tearing the very fabric of the Internet as we know it apart at the seams.

The pattern of primes one can detect from the zoom in/zoom out perspective of peaks and valleys represents yet another illusion conjured by the greatest of magician: the mathematicians. They weave their own tapestries of alchemical chimeras for us to marvel at. And only the intended can grasp the concepts written in long form upon these giant white boards in a secret language no layman can decipher.

The Zenwalker Seiderkin already have access to an enormous encyclopedic database of enumerations which will hold vital circumspection on the nature of Hilbert space.

It is simply a matter of time and persistence before Z(enseider)Z master semiotician, expert memeticist, and leading authority in the field of remote manipulation of the parasympathetic nervous system, Dr. Ayin R. Inch, locates the pivotal Lysergic 5-dimensional quasicrystals which, once and for all, compromises the debate on how zeros factor into multiple zeta functions.

The first piece of the puzzle is in place. The commissioned artwork has arrived and been hung in its appropriate place. The real magnum opus can begin. It will make for an astounding uphill battle, however there is commitment in Dr. Inch that sees no boundaries. For all the thankless work which he undergoes, never once has he asked for a pat on the back. Only recognition that this THING is moving forward.

Vagaries abound and the audience is unclear, but the message possesses an all too familiar ramble to it.

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Dia de los Muertos 2014

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As regards festivities at the Orange compound this year we will first allow Eian’s better half to describe the event in her own words.

So says Sarah O. “It’s that time of year again! To Honor our ancestors, to welcome them back while the veil is thin. This year, instead of November Eve/Halloween when most are taking the kiddies trick or treating, we will hold it on Saturday November 1st. Samhain ends at about noon on this day, but we will combine MANY traditions. Kids are welcome. They help bury apples & offerings for those that are not honored. BUT. We HONOR our ancestors and other beloved dead as well as Santisima Muerte. It’s time to EAT! Commune! And pay respect to those that came before us! All invited are also urged to bring your own ancestors or beloved dead. BUT, to get a place on the altar/truck-bed mssg me so I can set it up for them. Bring a picture or object they loved in life and offerings to them. BYOB! And that goes for offerings as well. Any help with food would be a blessing but we’re already getting it together. Digital Presence is also welcome!”

Eian extrapolated on the digital presence end of the whole shindig:

“For those of you not able to attend IRL I will be setting up a virtual space where you can lend digital deposits or contributions or link up with us either in the form of something as simple as a sigil or as complex as a chaosatellite orbiting the space occupying 31.7999° North, 81.4123° West. In any case, the server will act as a proxy between us and yourselves in the corporeal realm. We thank you in advance for your support and hope that you attend the event even in the absence of complete apparition to material form.”

The virtual space provides the end user with assorted links for both the novice student and the advanced chaosorcerer alike as well as not one, but two brand new MP3s arranged by Z(enseider)Z specifically for this event all of which you will find housed on this page. Enjoy your time at our expense or just drop by for a gnosis lending shareholder event with your sigil trade partners alongside the fine people at Z(enseider)Z. Happy Holy Daze!

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Advanced Sigil Creation

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In the grand tradition of fucking with the Tree of Life through superior gematria, Z(enseider)Z have long-held a skeleton in the closet where it lay collecting moths. Well, I’m breaking out of convention and digging this article out of the crates as it deserves to see the light of day.

What started as a genetic pathworking turned into a more complex way to draw sigils at random. The page in question will give you more insight than I will, but please excuse the artistry or lack thereof.

Follow this page and begin your journey into unintelligibility and obfuscation. YMMV. Your experience may be non-typical.

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Dream Succubus Encounter

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Ancient Serpent. Unfurled Ouroboros. Drawing me into the abysmal dark. Cold surrounds me. I step into the candle lit chamber ov horrors. This room is like no other. It had blood stained walls, flesh-like ornaments hanging from the ceiling, and red and pink-white candles dimming the room. Chains rattled like so many curtains in the wind and were only made audible by the sheer immensity ov this castle-esk structure that this room was housed in. Maybe it just seemed that way from the inside, but strangely I never got a look outside the entire tour. There were just no windows to be seen or had.

I was introduced to a door and told it was mine. As I open the door and step further into the chamber I notice a women naked on the floor. She looks ov Asian descent, she’s motioning me to come to her. I feel very frightened, but aroused at the same time. She then starts licking the air with her serpent tongue. I lay with her and she puts my cock into her ancient hole ov desire. I feel pain and ecstasy. She speaks in some language I don’t understand. Some form of glossolalia. As I am about to cum I awake. I feel lost. I want more. This will not be the first nor the last time I see my Asian succubus in animate form.

Yours in Chaosatanic Bliss,

Pope Infekt

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Gnosis and Intent

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Besides the obvious destinations: illumination, the fulfillment of lust, reciprocal love, financial security, dominion over others, etc. There are more immediate terminals that we wish to arrive at from the use of magick such as getting out of ticket or evading detection while doing some underhanded shit. What Crowley called the short and dangerous path to wisdom. Usually the first tool that comes to mind is narcolepsis (chemognosis) since we’re letting the substance do most of the work for us, but yet we still have to have an objective in mind. Drugs often make objectives fuzzy. No substance will bestow upon you magical power in and of itself. You must be adept at certain techniques to achieve tangible results.

Over years of practice I’ve noticed that all one needs to churn out useful magickings is to detonate the art to its rawest elements: gnosis and intent. Now by ‘gnosis’ I am referring to altered states of consciousness, specifically the dual spectrum of eckstasis and katalepsis. The former is known as excitatory gnosis and the latter is known as inhibitory gnosis. While utilizing either of these methods one can achieve whatever results one wishes by simply adding the other key ingredient of intent. A list of methods for achieving gnosis can be found here:

Intent is part of the more literal meaning of karma. Not spiritual retribution for dirty deeds done dirt cheap. There is no moral authority which governs who deserves to receive what punishment aside from the penal system. Intent is a formidable force of the human psyche. There is certainly a psychological component embedded in this line of thought-action which drives the individual to, at least, attempt to satisfy their inner nemesis. Wrestling with one’s self seems as though it becomes the largest obstacle in a magician’s career.

Coupled with intent, gnosis can facilitate your deepest desires by directing your single mindedness through the conduit of your unconsciousness. Every chaote knows reaching gnosis while staring at (or keeping within peripheral vision) a sigil will typically result in the fulfillment of that desire. But there are other ways altered states of consciousness can aid us in everyday life.

Think of it like this, in a most stereotypical (possibly even sexist) manner: some women project an image of beauty, innocence, or use their charm to get out of a ticket, some men try to relate on a testosteronic level to the officer in question to achieve the same goal. These are altered states of consciousness whether one realizes it or not. It is adaptation at its most basic. Now, one’s best bet is to be forthcoming with law enforcement without incriminating one’s self, but there are lots of tricks to keeping your constitutional rights in check when dealing with members of the police state. In any event, know the legality of what you’re getting yourself into. Police will often force an unreasonable search upon you without probable cause due to the certainty that they can fabricate probable cause after the fact.

As far as invisibility goes suffice to say the more casual one acts during an operation of undercover necessity the less noticeable they will be if even caught on camera pulling off the stunt. The current generation cannot remember a time when they weren’t totally surveilled all the time. This is where stage magic has its merits in bare-hands magick. I do not condone theft of any sort, however, the following example makes for an excellent metaphor. Grab an item of merchandise and slip it up your sleeve or down your pants or skirt or simply walk off with it like you already paid for it post-haste (without running) and you may not even be noticed by onlooking security. Of course, each magicker’s taste differs from person to person. Some may want to add personal devices on the fly for enchantment purposes in their heads such as alphabet of desire glyphs, or runic inscriptions, or barbaric tongues, or any number of other apparatus. These may be used to distract the mind from the most desirable outcome. With some magician, attention paid to the object(ive) of their desire acts as a repellent from the probability of the desired outcome arriving at fruition. This is where sleight of mind techniques have come into play.

Consider your energy source. Where is it coming from? How do we constantly rejuvenate?

Consider your energy source. Obviously we recharge our bodies with fluid, food, and sleep, but how exactly do we re-charge our spiritual batteries? Some would say meditation. Some would say red wine and red meat. Others would say Bagua or Qi-Gung or Yoga or some other bodily discipline that directs the flow of the nervous system as our nervous system is tapped into every other system in the body. And possibly it is our nervous system that needs re-charging more than any other physiological system.

Perhaps the rest, relaxation, digestion, and excretion the body goes through does recycle spiritual energy or maybe energy simply cannot be created nor destroyed so we are constantly playing with new forms of energy all the time. New pattern recognition which leads to conceptual leaps in consciousness.

Again I ask…

Consider your energy source. Where is it coming from? How do we constantly rejuvenate?


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Verboten theme

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Necrosex = 9 = ZenseiderZ

Success = 9 = Obsession

Obey = 9 = Shadows

Theriomorph  =  9 =  Bliss

Time  = 9 = Expansion


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Killswitch Effluvic Reservoir

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We’ve been making some headway in the Chaosorcery department. Working packet in packet with a small research team from around the globe towards the elemental development and alchemical advancement of reverse engineered hand-held wetware devices for use in counter population brainwave manipulation. These puppies rival any improvisation that orgone technologies can muster.

Radionics and Psionics seem to pose the only viable threat to these hand-crafted devices and their sister beta test phase devices.

These and many other hand-crafted materials will be available soon through our brand spankin’ new catalog of ordinary merchandise and metaphysical supplies. Including CDs, apparel, and private personalized protocol keys that allow the would-be chaosorcer limited access to our Killswitch Effluvic Reservoir or K.E.R. for short. It represents a sort of pool of gnosis including both ecstatic (eckstasis) and inhibitory (katalepsis) modes of experiential catharsis.

Once a given individual gains access to the K.E.R. they are allowed to use it both ways like the slut that it is. What I mean is the would-be chaosorcerer can download as much free gnosis as he or she desires just so long as they put it back at a later date; preferably when the would-be chasorcerer’s Will has been sufficiently impressed upon the world surrounding them and their will aligns with their perception.

By the same token, the would-be chaosorcerer may upload gnosis of any manner of potency in order to up the ante a bit and challenge newcomers to advance their skills at achieving original gnostic states. While the would-be chaosorcerer may download a more massive payload at one time for use in more complex requests.

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A brief moment of clarity

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Just to let our readership know what we’ve been up to these past few months and what to expect in the near future…

Aside from dropping a new album this month named Those Outside with artwork for the album cover taken care of by one of our own, the illustrious Jesse Mead. A beast of a bad ass artist.

We’ve also made a debut on a site which is run by Jay Randall of Agoraphobic Nosebleed. He contacted us about including a few of our albums on his free download project site.

There wasn’t a question in our mind about unloading three of our past albums, namely Indecipher (which he was initially excited about), Xenopomorphic Pink Noise, and Pseudonyms For Somnambulance to the greater cause of more downloads and more exposure.

For those of you following our Reverb Nation page we’ve piqued at #8 in the ‘spiritual’ genre in the greater NY/NJ metro area. So if you know anyone on Reverb Nation please point them our way. We don’t ask that fans subscribe to our (non-existent) mailing list nor any other superfluousness. No bells or whistles, just fan us and maybe say something nice and we’ll gladly fan you back.

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