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Gnosis and Intent

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Besides the obvious destinations: illumination, the fulfillment of lust, reciprocal love, financial security, dominion over others, etc. There are more immediate terminals that we wish to arrive at from the use of magick such as getting out of ticket or evading detection while doing some underhanded shit. What Crowley called the short and dangerous path to wisdom. Usually the first tool that comes to mind is narcolepsis (chemognosis) since we’re letting the substance do most of the work for us, but yet we still have to have an objective in mind. Drugs often make objectives fuzzy. No substance will bestow upon you magical power in and of itself. You must be adept at certain techniques to achieve tangible results.

Over years of practice I’ve noticed that all one needs to churn out useful magickings is to detonate the art to its rawest elements: gnosis and intent. Now by ‘gnosis’ I am referring to altered states of consciousness, specifically the dual spectrum of eckstasis and katalepsis. The former is known as excitatory gnosis and the latter is known as inhibitory gnosis. While utilizing either of these methods one can achieve whatever results one wishes by simply adding the other key ingredient of intent. A list of methods for achieving gnosis can be found here:

Intent is part of the more literal meaning of karma. Not spiritual retribution for dirty deeds done dirt cheap. There is no moral authority which governs who deserves to receive what punishment aside from the penal system. Intent is a formidable force of the human psyche. There is certainly a psychological component embedded in this line of thought-action which drives the individual to, at least, attempt to satisfy their inner nemesis. Wrestling with one’s self seems as though it becomes the largest obstacle in a magician’s career.

Coupled with intent, gnosis can facilitate your deepest desires by directing your single mindedness through the conduit of your unconsciousness. Every chaote knows reaching gnosis while staring at (or keeping within peripheral vision) a sigil will typically result in the fulfillment of that desire. But there are other ways altered states of consciousness can aid us in everyday life.

Think of it like this, in a most stereotypical (possibly even sexist) manner: some women project an image of beauty, innocence, or use their charm to get out of a ticket, some men try to relate on a testosteronic level to the officer in question to achieve the same goal. These are altered states of consciousness whether one realizes it or not. It is adaptation at its most basic. Now, one’s best bet is to be forthcoming with law enforcement without incriminating one’s self, but there are lots of tricks to keeping your constitutional rights in check when dealing with members of the police state. In any event, know the legality of what you’re getting yourself into. Police will often force an unreasonable search upon you without probable cause due to the certainty that they can fabricate probable cause after the fact.

As far as invisibility goes suffice to say the more casual one acts during an operation of undercover necessity the less noticeable they will be if even caught on camera pulling off the stunt. The current generation cannot remember a time when they weren’t totally surveilled all the time. This is where stage magic has its merits in bare-hands magick. I do not condone theft of any sort, however, the following example makes for an excellent metaphor. Grab an item of merchandise and slip it up your sleeve or down your pants or skirt or simply walk off with it like you already paid for it post-haste (without running) and you may not even be noticed by onlooking security. Of course, each magicker’s taste differs from person to person. Some may want to add personal devices on the fly for enchantment purposes in their heads such as alphabet of desire glyphs, or runic inscriptions, or barbaric tongues, or any number of other apparatus. These may be used to distract the mind from the most desirable outcome. With some magician, attention paid to the object(ive) of their desire acts as a repellent from the probability of the desired outcome arriving at fruition. This is where sleight of mind techniques have come into play.

Consider your energy source. Where is it coming from? How do we constantly rejuvenate?

Consider your energy source. Obviously we recharge our bodies with fluid, food, and sleep, but how exactly do we re-charge our spiritual batteries? Some would say meditation. Some would say red wine and red meat. Others would say Bagua or Qi-Gung or Yoga or some other bodily discipline that directs the flow of the nervous system as our nervous system is tapped into every other system in the body. And possibly it is our nervous system that needs re-charging more than any other physiological system.

Perhaps the rest, relaxation, digestion, and excretion the body goes through does recycle spiritual energy or maybe energy simply cannot be created nor destroyed so we are constantly playing with new forms of energy all the time. New pattern recognition which leads to conceptual leaps in consciousness.

Again I ask…

Consider your energy source. Where is it coming from? How do we constantly rejuvenate?


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