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Feedback wanted

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We at Z(enseider)Z encourage new meme-bearers in our extended IRL coven to take up their nightside studies in pursuit of their False Perception (which is the Zenwalker Seiderkin equivalent of the Thelemic concept for “True Will” in its antithetical apotheosis, as it were, since we do not believe there is one all pervading truth nor a single all defining destiny to which humankind is confined to carry out. Instead it is our belief that Nothing has Being and Everything has Value, which indicates that there is little to no substantial potency to be had in the print we read or the words we speak as we are creatures of karma (action/intent) and that every seemingly random event and encounter has the potential to be mutually beneficial to all parties involved), however, when we can we will assist these aspirants (ass pirates) by showcasing their talents upon our server for their own developmental illumination and personal amusement.

Here, we present to the denizens of the interweb and the blood God whom we honor, a cut-up rhapsody in the key of nine

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The Calling

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As Sr. adviser in charge of WannaZee candidacy initiatory rites it falls upon me to remind the general public about ZZ protocol. We here at node Z.’.Z.’. offer no promises nor pathways save for one (which does not apply to veteran meme-bearers): candidates must endeavor to build themselves up (physically, psychologically, and emotionally) in a visible manner which suits the Initiatory Aggregate who treat such matters as would the old, curmudgeonly muppets in the balcony.

We will prescribe no particular magickal formula to follow at this time. The candidate may pick from any mind-body discipline he or she deems worthy of further practice, but it must be a holistic practice balancing the Ego and the ID, the yin and the yang, the peanut butter and the jelly, the hot dog and the bun. No overnight Ipsissimus, please.

To enter the final stages of initiation, the candidate will have to privately commit every act on THE LIST which will be provided once the Initiatory Aggregate gives the go ahead. It is vital to the candidates progress that they commit every act on THE LIST no matter how trivial some of the requests may seem.

We will never ask you to do anything that is illegal or injurious to any living creature. Z(enseider)Z is all about having fun with magick and not taking it so seriously but with purposefulness behind it all. We renegade hedge mages would do well to focus on stretching the limits of the unremarkable, mundane, grey world through an alchemical process that turns your useless queen high into pocket aces and turns procrastination and laziness into creativity and productivity.

Satan works in mischievous weighs.

And we survive by uncertain means. Truly it is a blessing from below that our enchantments serve to push our motivational factor into high gear. Through a rigorous process of locating the coordinates, identifying the target, and activating deeply rooted genetic memory, the candidate is in essence hacking into an aetheric network. By this time initiates should be engaged in one or more of our daily practices which include sound concentration, sigil making, bi-location, some light necromancy, engaging in time spinning, cautious demonology, prolonged opioid binges, heated political debate with amorphous blob-gods from the Zeta Reticuli, or macaroni pictures before nap time.

“I’m thinking of a sort of group enchantment that causes us all to be way more productive, motivated and creative than we would normally be”   —Kara Rae Garland

Nothing has Being hand of z0s Everything has Value