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Biographical Pseudepigrapha

Posted in Fiction, Unlinked, Writing on 2018-06-11 by eianorange

When I was but a youth, traveling alone in the mountains to the East called MASHU by the people who live there, I came upon a large gray rock carved with three strange symbols. It stood as high as a man and as wide around as a bull. It was firmly stuck in the ground and I could not make it topple.

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Abomination through Desolation

Posted in Unlinked, Writing, Z(enseider)Z proclamations on 2017-03-18 by eianorange


Umbras of the Air, hear my call! As the Sylphs howl, the depth of my will explodes in an outcry straining my vocal folds, not in some vague internal dialogue that is greatly attenuated. I dance around the fire with wild medicine, praising what I’ve descried coming from beyond the hills in secret murmurs and sacred chants. The majesty of this elemental essence crawls throughout our DNA and, indeed, the entirety of our Genome. It is sometimes known as the akashic record. Hearkening back to a time before humankind roamed the earth. When our closest relatives were paramecium and other uni-cellular organisms toward an era where we find the most mammoth reptiles as our cousins; the latter of which have now grown virtually extinct through mother Earth’s decisive force of entropy. You are not forgotten, our dear first kin, you are revered as the first brothers and sisters on the planet who withstood obstacles of all kinds. And, we weep that your long dead carcasses are now being plundered by these corporate autocrats for your decayed matter to fuel our mobile machines and for other, more detrimental petrol products that we think we cannot live without, so that you may never rest in peace. Spreading your death into the atmosphere and among the lands and the oceans.

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Dream Succubus Encounter

Posted in Dreamwork, Magick, Unlinked with tags , on 2013-09-18 by PopeInfekt

Ancient Serpent. Unfurled Ouroboros. Drawing me into the abysmal dark. Cold surrounds me. I step into the candle lit chamber ov horrors. This room is like no other. It had blood stained walls, flesh-like ornaments hanging from the ceiling, and red and pink-white candles dimming the room. Chains rattled like so many curtains in the wind and were only made audible by the sheer immensity ov this castle-esk structure that this room was housed in. Maybe it just seemed that way from the inside, but strangely I never got a look outside the entire tour. There were just no windows to be seen or had.

I was introduced to a door and told it was mine. As I open the door and step further into the chamber I notice a women naked on the floor. She looks ov Asian descent, she’s motioning me to come to her. I feel very frightened, but aroused at the same time. She then starts licking the air with her serpent tongue. I lay with her and she puts my cock into her ancient hole ov desire. I feel pain and ecstasy. She speaks in some language I don’t understand. Some form of glossolalia. As I am about to cum I awake. I feel lost. I want more. This will not be the first nor the last time I see my Asian succubus in animate form.

Yours in Chaosatanic Bliss,

Pope Infekt

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Chinese Astrologia

Posted in Unlinked with tags on 2006-01-29 by eianorange

2006-JAN-29 : As we circulate past the cock on our way to the pork, the cosmic dial turns to the year of the dog which is 4703 in Chinese astrology. In all likelihood Canal street is partying its little yellow ass off. Funny that the dog corresponds to the element of fire in this particular Asian system and thusly it is the year of the hot dog.

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Posted in Unlinked on 2005-12-10 by eianorange

2005-DEC-10 : Five years of e-nomadic server hopping and elusive ever changing domain names has left us dizzy. So we’re reigning in the Nu Y-era with the nercomemetic rezurrection of as a fooly functional near-Earth orbitting satellite slash megajoule particle beam weapon. Thanks to Frater POV for parking this dom on his dime.

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Simple Knowledge

Posted in Unlinked with tags on 2005-11-23 by eianorange

2005-NOV-23 : Household dishwashers do not serve the purpose of an Autoclave. Thank you for your attention. You may now resume comatose sedation.

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Gematria for 139

Posted in Unlinked with tags on 2005-11-12 by eianorange

2005-NOV-12 : Benign boy James Curcio knows fuckall about Gematria = 139 [GoN]

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Cock Y-era

Posted in Unlinked with tags , on 2005-02-09 by eianorange

2005-FEB-09 : Chinese Lunar new year brings us closer to the cock this year around. I don’t know about you, but I’m staying as far away from the cock as possible. But it does make me wonder whether the cock speaks Mandarin or Cantonese?

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Death’s Head

Posted in Unlinked with tags on 2004-12-21 by eianorange

2004-DEC-21 : The winter solstice brings the cold embrace of death with it. And in eight years who’ll give a flying fuck anyhow.

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Public Service Announcement

Posted in Unlinked with tags , on 2004-07-18 by eianorange

2004-JUL-18 : ATTN. sugarmoms – Eian O is currently up for adoption. Interested parties should inquire within.

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