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Grave Indictment Of Trust

Posted in Music with tags , , on 2009-09-22 by eianorange

2006-SEP-23 : In honor of the Autumnal equinox we’re letting go of a little jewel in the rough called Grave Indictment Of Trust which serves as one my favorite albums in a long ass time.

The percussion on Track #2 “Mandatory Bulimia” is sickening. Proves what one can do with the right drum synth.

I even dropped some growling vocals on track #4 called “Rendition” which got mixed so heavily that the vox might not seem distinctly audible.

Photo by: Manny Diller

Much respect to Nefariaz for his contributions to this album, He did almost every other track and worked with samples I gave ’em like a professional. We really came together on this album.

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2006-MAR-21 : Tell your homies about this album cuz it’s gonna drop like the World Trade on intentional demolition. We call it Indecipher because we spent most of Ostara (which is the spring equinox to all you lame asses) in the cipher so it’s a fitting title.

It’s difficult to describe an album after the fact, but, I’ll try to keep this brief. I must say this shit is fire.

We all brought our A-Game here. There are skits and quick little joke rhymes, but the ones that count really came through on point.

If there is another album like this it’ll be and EP first then we’ll think about a full length LP.

Photo by: Amanda Qichao

On Indecipher Profit spits one all his own as well as Gambit and M-Greaze (it’s tough to get Greaze to shut the fuck up so we had to edit out a lot of his work) as well as your boy Eian O who spit two tracks all by his lonesome. The rest of the tracks Eian lays down on the album are duets with Profit. The best has yet to come. Stay tuned…

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Xenopomorphic Pink Noise

Posted in Music with tags , , on 2007-06-21 by eianorange

2007-JUN-21 : Stepping up the game a bit we’ve got a downright dark ambient flaring drone release called Xenopomorphic Pink Noise which arrives in time for the solstice.

xpn All I wanted was a fresh approach to dim noise and dark ambient and to that end I think it’s a raging success. I wanted to out do myself from the previous incarnation of Junkie Summer Furlough and I feel I succeeded in overcoming that obstacle as a roaring accomplishment.
Photo by: Amanda Qichao


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Bardo Tellus Server Core Dump

Posted in Music with tags , , on 2006-12-22 by eianorange

2005-DEC-21 : With the winter solstice upon us nothing could suit us better than to have Bardo Tellus Server Core Dump released just in time for Jews and Gentiles alike.

I don’t think I use samples of any sort anywhere else on the album except for “Gills” which represents the most clearly applied act of magickal ingenuity on a 2005 record. An amalgamation of forced hyperventilation abruptly followed by a dizzying decrease in breathing rhythm (which isn’t captured verbatim that way on the song; the song is an artistic rendering of this practice)

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Escapists In The Daedalus

Posted in Music with tags , , on 2005-06-21 by eianorange

2005-JUN-21 : On a day of the sun standing still during the summer months we offer a mixed media monstrosity of metal, mediocre-core (if there is such a thing) and spacey rock tunes melded together with tender electronic maudlin acts wrapped as loosely as possible and you have Escapists in the Daedalus which is quite possibly one of the least underrated electro-borne albums to date. Pretentious as it may sound I only wanna put together 26 Z(enseider)Z albums before closing the project. The stuff released as Z(enseider)Z has an inherent license to suck.

This album was one of the first that I arranged when initially arriving back in Jer-Z after being in AZ for almost a year. The daedalus or maze is slang for jail. Part of the impact of the album for me is the short re-adjustment phase I went through returning home, seeing people I’d almost forgotten about, and spending the first few months devouring whatever choice chemicals I wasn’t able to find in PHX

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Pseudonyms for Somnambulance

Posted in Music with tags , , , on 2005-03-20 by eianorange

2005-MAR-20 : The vernal equinox better known to some as Ostara sees the co-lab of Nefariaz & Eian O on Pseudonyms for Somnambulance which ranges in sonic variation from smooth beat-driven, ass-shaking dance tracks to stuff you have to hear to believe.

It combines the talents of two meme-bearers who have varying musical tastes and it shows no sign of holding back from unleashing the power these two are capable of. Nevertheless it kicks major ass.

co-arranged by Aleatrych Nefariaz & Eian Orange

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Fuck Everything

Posted in Music with tags , , on 2004-12-10 by eianorange

2004-DEC-10 : We’re giving Sol Amoun’s debut effort Fuck Everything a special place on the site as it deserves no less having dropped officially on his birthday. It’s difficult to describe this album down to one genre or any over-simplified terminology.

It’s fucking whacked out, it’s doesn’t color inside the lines and it relies heavily on playing with samples the way most kids play with nerf products. Still that doesn’t do the effort justice. You’ll just have to download and listen.

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Count Whore Cull Chore

Posted in Music with tags , , on 2004-11-11 by eianorange

2004-NOV-11 : When things go bad the blues come out of each of us and this instance is no different with an album named after the café that was never meant to exist we bring you Count Whore Cull Chore a mix of pulse pounding electro-corn beats, dark ambient, and samples galore ranging from here to mother Russia.

Yet another prime example of Junk & Jizz defining Garage Xeno in our private little genre-whore way. Mixed jam-sessions and beat mania.

All Hail the Archetypal Theriomorph in the Lotus!

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Deadly Pumpkin Toast

Posted in Music with tags , on 2004-10-27 by eianorange

2004-OCT-27 : consisting of Lexulus on 3 odd guitar strings, Eian on the kit, a shit load of lo-fi fx, and a healthy dosing of research chemicals we bring you Deadly Pumpkin Toast which delves into the realms of poor taste the way only Monty Python and Tom Green could.

There was a Lunar Eclipse in Phoenix, AZ on the date of this album’s release, just fyi

Deadly Pumpkin Toast is a prime example of Garage Xeno where only ambient or noisy interludes break up the monotony of the poorly recorded guitar and bass jam sessions.

Photo by: Amanda Qichao

Not only were there software limitations on all these albums, but hardware limitations as well up to an including an all black Ibanez reduced to three strings run through a bass cabinet, the unbearable hiss resulting from using the wrong gauge input cord for an electric bass guit, and a single radio shack desk mic most likely designed or intended for voice conferencing. Luckily, our ever-vigilant vaquero del infierno, Eian O, hid all the usable ribbon mics from the unending cavalcade of z0s memes to pass through the double-wide rehearsal space on Joilet in the San Tan mountains.

By the way, 200ft dirt hills are not classifiable as 'mountains' by any standard known to mankind sorry Pinal county residents.

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Ranch Sessions

Posted in Music with tags , on 2004-09-22 by eianorange

2004-SEP-22 : The jam room in Queen Creek saw likes of so many heads that we had to mix the live improv with the digital insanity into a medley called Ranch Sessions that everyone seems to loathe.

The cover art is a close-up shutter-fuckler of Mony’s bass guitar.

The album is a general reminder of how much fun we had jamming, joking, and sparking the jiLz. The original name should’ve been “Sessions From The Ranch” as a parody of Skinny Puppy’s B-side “Selections From Brap”, but we decided against it for some reason.

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