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10-DEC-21 Fuck Everything LP

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Fuck Everything LP by Fra. Solomon

Originally pieced together at RWC where Fra. Solomon pretended to work in true Zenseid style as a SysAdmin. He compiled this list of tracks throughout his tenure at RWC and these were deemed the best of the bunch. Fra. Solomon is a drummer first and foremost and it certainly comes thru in his previous recordings here and his DJing around the Phoenix Metro area.

Created with The GIMP

The genre list on this record is allover the map. Anyone who has spoken to Fra. Solomon knows his tangents don’t end with your run-of-mill pithy niceties. He’s a profound guy and justly his music programming is equally as profound. He takes chances in life. He doesn’t sit idly by and let John and Jane Q. Public just go about their daily grind — no, he compels them to break out of the box their stuck in and challenge the tough questions. One part George Carlin, one part Castaneda, and an all-father to us.

Having contributed on most of the early recordings (Seraphylogenocide, Where The Pavement Ends, Count Whore Cull Chore, and Ranch Sessions) which culminated in his own debut “Cherokee Moon” better knows as “Fuck Everything” where he brings together the influences of his ancestral power and his modern prowess.

Solomon is a founding member in more ways than one within the greater macro-conglomerate of z0s q1a culled us. Yes, the cyber initiations served him well, but his heart in his music and always has been.


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To celebrate this full moon risen, long time partners in crime and fellow fifth columnists Capeditiea Hitokotonushi and Eian Orange are teaming up once again for a full length collaborative effort under the the guise of a project known as Gen-Z for an album they’re ever so appropriately commissioning She Has Made Herself Hear The Source.

The 62 minute LP remains a monstrous overture of xenoambient cacophony and an elevating indictment of corpsecore that promises to fry your pineal gland like lamb’s testicles in a hot open skillet. The micro opus provides listeners who download the entire zip file with a logo image, two sigils (one from each collaborator), and a diagram of how the music was formulated via the Gematria of Nothing.

This is not to be missed. These two are like symbiotic musical viruses infecting the masses with auditory dysentery. You will leak something out of your ear holes and it may not be the most pleasant thing you’ve ever experienced, but you will pay heed to their greatness as a team of aural sorcerers at the utmost pique of their game.

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Upon the Wings of Huginn and Muninn

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2014-06-21: To celebrate the great summer solstice we at the Great Octarine Siblinghood of the Z.’. Z.’. bring to you our latest audio viral release in the form of a sequence of aural pleasures to attune your ears to. Upon The Wings of Huginn and Muninn combines the talents of several Z(enseider)Z memes both on the mic and behind the screen.

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Z(enseider)Z broadcast #1

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At some poit during the summer of 2005 Nefariaz and Eian recorded a few hours worth of phone recordings regarding the subject of Z()Z itself as an order and much more. The file’s release date also happens to be Infek’s B-day.

So in the grand tradition of talking shit and self-indulgent verbalization we present to you the first in a short series of broadcasts (I hate the word podcast) Including myself Eian Orange from New Jersey (a.k.a. New Jerusalem) and my boy in Canadia (a.k.a. New Shambhala) named Alex Berry which many of you have to know as Nefariaz. Both of us worked on the music and on some of the post-production.

So it truly was a collaborative effort.

Very little is known about the Z(enseider)Z both because of their intentionally elusive character and their hush hush way of performing the duties of a well-oiled magickal disorganization hell bent on leeching your OV™ through your Internet connection. Nothing to be afraid of.

Web Broadcast of Z(enseider)Z past, present and future.

The louder, and more enthusiastic of the two voices is mine (Eian Orange) and the more settled, mellow voice belongs to that of Alex Berry (Nefariaz) This is our very first show so cut us some slack.

You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how I got the mics set up from phone to phone. It’s ludicrous and I’m surprised it even worked. Next time I’m hitting up my local electronics outlet and finding the proper gear for recording phones.

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Organic Disinformation

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2009-DEC-31 : The kkoagulaa project saw fit to link one of my sonic experiments up on their blog.

I collaborated with another Z()Z meme named P. Emerson Williams by sampling a piece of his sonic sigil named Enigmatic Information to produce my own called Organic Disinformation for which I wrote a few words as an introduction:

Samples taken from a short, simple stutter effect found on Enigmatic.Information.[Grain.Storm] and sound bytes from a TV interview of a preacher being questioned on the ins and outs of racial homogenization and ideological segregation. Ambient synths courtesy of an ancient cracked version of Synapse Audio’s MIDI/sequencer release Orion 3.05 plus one inaudible layer processed through Sound Forge after direct recording on a cheap Rat Shack studio mic before final multi-tracking. Sounds a lot more intricate than it really is.

Then again that’s our job: making the foreign, inaccessible cow patties of sound into 3 minute dual-synth punk-ambient soundscapes that the mind isn’t even conscious of channeling into distinct individual parts of disparate intention. It takes a fair amount of repeating to reach the level of indoctrination originally intended by the transient hypno-sonic sigil embedded beneath the apparent mass of floating waveforms.

Happy motherfuckin’ Nu y-era! Don’t make any silly resolutions. They just set you up for self-fulfilling failure. Don’t test yourself unreasonably.

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Black Osiris 1

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2007-MAR-13 : First-run rough cut of Black Osiris spittin’ the tentative lyrics that I, the Nero of New Jerusalem, adapted from Open Your Eyes (drawn from Curcio’s mighty morphine power wrangler metric) over beats by Aleatrych Nefariaz known as New Shambhala’s Nino Brown. The beat was called Sleepy Hollow for some ungodly reason.

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Pseudonyms for Somnambulance

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2005-MAR-20 : The vernal equinox better known to some as Ostara sees the co-lab of Nefariaz & Eian O on Pseudonyms for Somnambulance which ranges in sonic variation from smooth beat-driven, ass-shaking dance tracks to stuff you have to hear to believe.

It combines the talents of two meme-bearers who have varying musical tastes and it shows no sign of holding back from unleashing the power these two are capable of. Nevertheless it kicks major ass.

co-arranged by Aleatrych Nefariaz & Eian Orange

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Phantom Load collaboration

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2004-MAR-20 : Phantom Load & Eian Orange (3 track EP)

A few tracks put together when travels brought Eian O and Amanda Qichao amidst Hsuan in NOLA’s 9th Ward where Hsuan he was living with a room mate at the time. All around a tranquil experience.

Hsuan gets all the credit for working his audio magic on my vocals that night because I was tore up from the floor up by 4am on xanax rambling into the mic incoherently. Hsuan and Amanda had to physically restrain me from continuing by tearing the mic away, but it was the equinox and I wanted to get something substantial on wax.

New Orleans was a great experience and even more so with Amanda taking pictures like the one above. I think she not-so-secretly wanted a threesome between herself, Hsuan, and I.

You can find Phantom Load @ making music nowadays

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