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Yamatu’s Gift

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2018-AUG-01 Lughnasa

Mixed and Engineered by Eian Orange

Audio processing & Mastering assistance by Capeditiea, Dead Cat Grinning, James Curcio, Pope Mickey XXIII, Andres Yunkhe, Verbalizer, and others

cover art by Barry James Lent Devil’s Design

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Ain’t Shit History

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ash_cover2 2015-02-19 A short EP, for general audiences, from the Lunar New Year of the Goat. Our full length LP (for our more discerning listeners) remains due out on the Spring Equinox, but for now enjoy Ain’t Shit History a delightful blend of nine beatstrumental noise tracks 38 minutes in legnth. Soothe your inner demons and call to arms your outer warrior with this album delivered contiguous to ferocity, precision, and undeniable rhythms.

It remains unlike us to make beats these days and Ain’t Shit History stands as a treat in misdirection to all those familiar with our most recent releases over the past year or so. It does not fail to bring to life some of our roots while at the same time blending our all too resounding penchant for noise. All around an EP deserving of your download and safe keeping alongside all our other releases as it remains seated somewhere between our ancient historical revelry for beatstrumental sampling and our neophilic edge with noise and the modulation wheel. It represents headbobbing screeching at its finest.

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Dia de los Muertos 2014

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As regards festivities at the Orange compound this year we will first allow Eian’s better half to describe the event in her own words.

So says Sarah O. “It’s that time of year again! To Honor our ancestors, to welcome them back while the veil is thin. This year, instead of November Eve/Halloween when most are taking the kiddies trick or treating, we will hold it on Saturday November 1st. Samhain ends at about noon on this day, but we will combine MANY traditions. Kids are welcome. They help bury apples & offerings for those that are not honored. BUT. We HONOR our ancestors and other beloved dead as well as Santisima Muerte. It’s time to EAT! Commune! And pay respect to those that came before us! All invited are also urged to bring your own ancestors or beloved dead. BUT, to get a place on the altar/truck-bed mssg me so I can set it up for them. Bring a picture or object they loved in life and offerings to them. BYOB! And that goes for offerings as well. Any help with food would be a blessing but we’re already getting it together. Digital Presence is also welcome!”

Eian extrapolated on the digital presence end of the whole shindig:

“For those of you not able to attend IRL I will be setting up a virtual space where you can lend digital deposits or contributions or link up with us either in the form of something as simple as a sigil or as complex as a chaosatellite orbiting the space occupying 31.7999° North, 81.4123° West. In any case, the server will act as a proxy between us and yourselves in the corporeal realm. We thank you in advance for your support and hope that you attend the event even in the absence of complete apparition to material form.”

The virtual space provides the end user with assorted links for both the novice student and the advanced chaosorcerer alike as well as not one, but two brand new MP3s arranged by Z(enseider)Z specifically for this event all of which you will find housed on this page. Enjoy your time at our expense or just drop by for a gnosis lending shareholder event with your sigil trade partners alongside the fine people at Z(enseider)Z. Happy Holy Daze!

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Zero Point Gravitation

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zero-point_gravitation22014-09-23: What can be accomplished with the digital medium as far the manipulation of otherworldly entities is quite remarkable. The proper frequencies adjusted to a given oscillating modulator can allow one the chance to summon or dispel specific spirits and with this breakthrough in Z(enseider)Z technology we offer you our most prolific album to date.

For once we’re short on words because we feel the release speaks for itself. It takes a certain amount of sensory ambiance to set Zero Point Gravitation up for actual psychic absorption. It’s not something you jam to in your car. It’s meant for ritual purposes and of the most post-modernist type. Not everyone will get out of this record what we put into it, but we feel the material stands on solid ground as a magickal tool for the would-be technoshaman. Please proceed with caution when working with summonings and banishings using this musical exposition. It is potent aural phenomenality.

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Upon the Wings of Huginn and Muninn

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2014-06-21: To celebrate the great summer solstice we at the Great Octarine Siblinghood of the Z.’. Z.’. bring to you our latest audio viral release in the form of a sequence of aural pleasures to attune your ears to. Upon The Wings of Huginn and Muninn combines the talents of several Z(enseider)Z memes both on the mic and behind the screen.

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Hoor Paar Kraat and the Psychopomp

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DEC-21-2013 : Layzees and gentlememes,

We, here, at the Great Octarine Sbilinghood of the Z.’. Z.’. have been mixing and mastering tirelessly to make your Yule solstice a sonically pleasurable one. We work under the guise of chaoism with our bare hands as our only magickal tools so you can imagine we get a lot more done than your average cadaver when it comes to on-the-fly ritual operations. This methodology applies to our musical endeavors as well. We cut no corners yet we’re sloppy like punk rock. We’re not progressive yet we encode a certain amount of technical precision in the tracks we lay down. Subliminal messages are a myth yet we use a method of numerical sortiledge which portends to infiltrate the listeners neural cortex and send micro-synaptic impulses to the brain’s electro-chemical network rendering it incapacitated for a short time.

Our latest effort Hoor-Paar-Kraat And The Psychopomp speaks worlds of the teetering between consciousness and unconsciousness. Ordinary states and altered states. I’ve found out how an Oreo can get you high if you abstain from food long enough.

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Junkie Summer Furlough

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2006-JUN-21 : Usually the summer solstice isn’t spent making music, but this year was different. We devoted almost a month to streamlining a record we could be proud of and as the man says “watch out you might get what you’re after” and those words have rung prophetic.

And Junkie Summer Furlough was the result of 4 years of concentrated chemical experimentation, our dealings with the entropic forces behind the Lovecraftian mythos, our lone journeys out into the thick of the wood for no foreseeable reason, the pigs blood consecrations, bonding with squids, and immersion in the cicadas in 1996.

This album represents a masterpiece of ingenuity, and that ain’t just ego-based ass-quacking there, we just happen to genuinely like it a lot. Maybe you’ll think it won’t suck either. If not, fuck you, bitch.

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Aural Catharsis

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2010-JAN-01 : All current full length albums can be found on our Bandcamp page now. Click to to see what we’ve made available. Remember, you can only d/l whole albums, not individual songs.

Enjoy yourselves for the New Year and do lots of things I wouldn’t do and do them recklessly and irresponsibly while I’m here working on building my graphic design skills and updating slowly and steadily, but surely. It’s a spiritual pursuit of mine, you know.

I don’t do much of anything being the insipid homebody that I am so you should take this opportunity to live a little and go out, be social, mingle, get sauced, and sleep with someone misshapen and freakish looking like a goat midget or a geriatric masochist who’s into nipple torture and anal mutilation.

Just, please, no underwear bombs because I have family traveling this month and I wouldn’t want anything unsavory to happen to them even though I’m not admittedly a beneficiary on their insurance policy.

    Love, Kisses, and Chaos,

        Eian Orange

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Organic Disinformation

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2009-DEC-31 : The kkoagulaa project saw fit to link one of my sonic experiments up on their blog.

I collaborated with another Z()Z meme named P. Emerson Williams by sampling a piece of his sonic sigil named Enigmatic Information to produce my own called Organic Disinformation for which I wrote a few words as an introduction:

Samples taken from a short, simple stutter effect found on Enigmatic.Information.[Grain.Storm] and sound bytes from a TV interview of a preacher being questioned on the ins and outs of racial homogenization and ideological segregation. Ambient synths courtesy of an ancient cracked version of Synapse Audio’s MIDI/sequencer release Orion 3.05 plus one inaudible layer processed through Sound Forge after direct recording on a cheap Rat Shack studio mic before final multi-tracking. Sounds a lot more intricate than it really is.

Then again that’s our job: making the foreign, inaccessible cow patties of sound into 3 minute dual-synth punk-ambient soundscapes that the mind isn’t even conscious of channeling into distinct individual parts of disparate intention. It takes a fair amount of repeating to reach the level of indoctrination originally intended by the transient hypno-sonic sigil embedded beneath the apparent mass of floating waveforms.

Happy motherfuckin’ Nu y-era! Don’t make any silly resolutions. They just set you up for self-fulfilling failure. Don’t test yourself unreasonably.

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Grave Indictment Of Trust

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2006-SEP-23 : In honor of the Autumnal equinox we’re letting go of a little jewel in the rough called Grave Indictment Of Trust which serves as one my favorite albums in a long ass time.

The percussion on Track #2 “Mandatory Bulimia” is sickening. Proves what one can do with the right drum synth.

I even dropped some growling vocals on track #4 called “Rendition” which got mixed so heavily that the vox might not seem distinctly audible.

Photo by: Manny Diller

Much respect to Nefariaz for his contributions to this album, He did almost every other track and worked with samples I gave ’em like a professional. We really came together on this album.

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