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Aural Catharsis

Posted in Music with tags , , on 2010-01-01 by eianorange

2010-JAN-01 : All current full length albums can be found on our Bandcamp page now. Click to to see what we’ve made available. Remember, you can only d/l whole albums, not individual songs.

Enjoy yourselves for the New Year and do lots of things I wouldn’t do and do them recklessly and irresponsibly while I’m here working on building my graphic design skills and updating slowly and steadily, but surely. It’s a spiritual pursuit of mine, you know.

I don’t do much of anything being the insipid homebody that I am so you should take this opportunity to live a little and go out, be social, mingle, get sauced, and sleep with someone misshapen and freakish looking like a goat midget or a geriatric masochist who’s into nipple torture and anal mutilation.

Just, please, no underwear bombs because I have family traveling this month and I wouldn’t want anything unsavory to happen to them even though I’m not admittedly a beneficiary on their insurance policy.

    Love, Kisses, and Chaos,

        Eian Orange

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Organic Disinformation

Posted in Music with tags , , on 2009-12-31 by eianorange

2009-DEC-31 : The kkoagulaa project saw fit to link one of my sonic experiments up on their blog.

I collaborated with another Z()Z meme named P. Emerson Williams by sampling a piece of his sonic sigil named Enigmatic Information to produce my own called Organic Disinformation for which I wrote a few words as an introduction:

Samples taken from a short, simple stutter effect found on Enigmatic.Information.[Grain.Storm] and sound bytes from a TV interview of a preacher being questioned on the ins and outs of racial homogenization and ideological segregation. Ambient synths courtesy of an ancient cracked version of Synapse Audio’s MIDI/sequencer release Orion 3.05 plus one inaudible layer processed through Sound Forge after direct recording on a cheap Rat Shack studio mic before final multi-tracking. Sounds a lot more intricate than it really is.

Then again that’s our job: making the foreign, inaccessible cow patties of sound into 3 minute dual-synth punk-ambient soundscapes that the mind isn’t even conscious of channeling into distinct individual parts of disparate intention. It takes a fair amount of repeating to reach the level of indoctrination originally intended by the transient hypno-sonic sigil embedded beneath the apparent mass of floating waveforms.

Happy motherfuckin’ Nu y-era! Don’t make any silly resolutions. They just set you up for self-fulfilling failure. Don’t test yourself unreasonably.

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Grave Indictment Of Trust

Posted in Music with tags , , on 2009-09-22 by eianorange

2006-SEP-23 : In honor of the Autumnal equinox we’re letting go of a little jewel in the rough called Grave Indictment Of Trust which serves as one my favorite albums in a long ass time.

The percussion on Track #2 “Mandatory Bulimia” is sickening. Proves what one can do with the right drum synth.

I even dropped some growling vocals on track #4 called “Rendition” which got mixed so heavily that the vox might not seem distinctly audible.

Photo by: Manny Diller

Much respect to Nefariaz for his contributions to this album, He did almost every other track and worked with samples I gave ’em like a professional. We really came together on this album.

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Posted in Music with tags , , on 2008-03-20 by eianorange

2006-MAR-21 : Tell your homies about this album cuz it’s gonna drop like the World Trade on intentional demolition. We call it Indecipher because we spent most of Ostara (which is the spring equinox to all you lame asses) in the cipher so it’s a fitting title.

It’s difficult to describe an album after the fact, but, I’ll try to keep this brief. I must say this shit is fire.

We all brought our A-Game here. There are skits and quick little joke rhymes, but the ones that count really came through on point.

If there is another album like this it’ll be and EP first then we’ll think about a full length LP.

Photo by: Amanda Qichao

On Indecipher Profit spits one all his own as well as Gambit and M-Greaze (it’s tough to get Greaze to shut the fuck up so we had to edit out a lot of his work) as well as your boy Eian O who spit two tracks all by his lonesome. The rest of the tracks Eian lays down on the album are duets with Profit. The best has yet to come. Stay tuned…

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Xenopomorphic Pink Noise

Posted in Music with tags , , on 2007-06-21 by eianorange

2007-JUN-21 : Stepping up the game a bit we’ve got a downright dark ambient flaring drone release called Xenopomorphic Pink Noise which arrives in time for the solstice.

xpn All I wanted was a fresh approach to dim noise and dark ambient and to that end I think it’s a raging success. I wanted to out do myself from the previous incarnation of Junkie Summer Furlough and I feel I succeeded in overcoming that obstacle as a roaring accomplishment.
Photo by: Amanda Qichao


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Black Osiris 1

Posted in Music with tags , on 2007-03-13 by eianorange

2007-MAR-13 : First-run rough cut of Black Osiris spittin’ the tentative lyrics that I, the Nero of New Jerusalem, adapted from Open Your Eyes (drawn from Curcio’s mighty morphine power wrangler metric) over beats by Aleatrych Nefariaz known as New Shambhala’s Nino Brown. The beat was called Sleepy Hollow for some ungodly reason.

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Bardo Tellus Server Core Dump

Posted in Music with tags , , on 2006-12-22 by eianorange

2005-DEC-21 : With the winter solstice upon us nothing could suit us better than to have Bardo Tellus Server Core Dump released just in time for Jews and Gentiles alike.

I don’t think I use samples of any sort anywhere else on the album except for “Gills” which represents the most clearly applied act of magickal ingenuity on a 2005 record. An amalgamation of forced hyperventilation abruptly followed by a dizzying decrease in breathing rhythm (which isn’t captured verbatim that way on the song; the song is an artistic rendering of this practice)

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